Sogi Varghese

Sogi Varghese

Sogi got married into a foodie family, their love for food inculcated in her the desire to work on her culinary skills. A string of successful baking trials led her to turn her passion into a business. Driven by the motto “dreams never let you sleep”, she joined Fondbites Online Cake Decorating Masterclass to further improve her skills.

Sogi pays a lot of attention to the details and plans extremely well to produce the best version of the cake. She has always pushed herself beyond her comfort zone to master new techniques and absorb all the tips shared by Ms.Subhashini Ramsingh. She created a phenomenal geode wedding cake highlighting her learnings from the Course.

In Sogi’s own words, “I strongly believe that joining Fondbites course was one of my best decisions. Attention to minute details and perfection is the essence of the course. I am very thankful to

Ms.Subhashini Ramsingh and the Fondbites team for their unrelenting support and guidance to help chase my dreams.”

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