Fondbites Studio

Virtual Tour

Studio Workstation

Fondbites Studio has been very meticulously planned for over a year. A lot of thought has gone into the functional design elements and the state of the art infrastructure to suit the requirements of the full-fledged online school.  

The Studio Workstation is the place where the video shooting would take place. A perfect tailor-made backdrop with carefully planned storage space, proper lighting and all amenities, the heart of the studio.

Studio Lounge Area

The cozy welcome nook with a display of all the cakes that will be churned out in the studio, a separate corner for me to work on life size cake projects and my clay sculpting trials without affecting  my other work schedule. 

This will have my personal work table and my pre-preparation table. This is where everything will be prepped for the shoot and online classes.

Studio Kitchen Area

The Kitchen is the next important part of the studio. It has been very carefully planned and organised keeping in mind the access to all the tools and equipment as well as the ingredients required. The draws, cupboards and shelves are tailor made to suit a baker's kitchen. This was my dream-- to work in a kitchen designed just for a baker.

Guest Bedroom

This was one of the ‘must-haves’ in my vision while I was designing my studio. I needed a guest bedroom, where one could rest between shoots or for my children when I need to work long hours. And the last but the most important reason is that I plan to invite artists over for collaborations with Fondbites School, and I would like to host as many artists as possible. This cozy place is very specifically designed for a comfortable stay.

Studio Class Room

I had started my teaching career in a classroom style of teaching. However, over the past 6 years I have switched to the online mode.However, I would like to get back to a ‘hands on’ class mode which many have been asking me over the years. Now, in this new studio, I made sure I have one room specifically designed for my physical classes. This may not be possible in the near future, however, this studio is my dream come true and will not be complete without  a dedicated classroom for my students to learn from me directly.

Studio Part of View