Santa Claus

The All Edible Santa Claus is the work of the renowned award winning cake artist Subhashini Ramsingh, Founder of Fondbites, School of Sugar Art. She is also the winner of Cake Masters India 2018 “Top Ten Cake Artists”

The all edible santa claus was planned with precision and executed as planned at each stage of building the body parts of Santa. It has taken more than 350 hours for Subhashini and her team to complete the Santa Claus.

The total weight of the Santa Claus is 150 Kilos containing 30 kgs of cakes, 50 kgs of marshmallows, 25 kgs of fondant and 30 kilos of chocolate including a metal frame to provide support to the structure.
Subhashini Ramsingh has taken up this project in collaboration with Food Consulate, as it was her dream to work on life-size cake. This opportunity has given her the platform to use her skills and create this spectacular All Edible Santa.