Behind the scenes of creating a giant life-like edible structure of Tyrannosaurus, THE VAJRA – the indestructible.

The journey of creating VAJRA, the Tyrannosaurus begun when Subhashini Ramsingh, founder of Fondbites School of Sugar Art and CEO/Chief Editor of Fondbites Magazine had completed the life size Santa Claus cake in Chennai during the month of December 2018. Her next milestone was to create a giant life size Tyrannosaurus, a challenge to her cake crafting skills because of its complexed body structure. The beginning of 2019 set the stage to start planning
for this milestone.

After an in-depth study and research on the construction of the T-Rex, the preparations started by January and it was decided to keep VAJRA, the T-Rex six feet tall, fifteen feet wide.

Being based in Chennai she had to make frequent trips to Mumbai to handle the logistics of this project and to find a workstation to accommodate the size of the T-Rex.
It began with getting the basic structure done, testing sustainability of the fondant to be used in the humid weather of Mumbai and the other edibles that were to go into the making of the T-rex cake.

Harmesh and Purnima of Omkraft were highly supportive and made complete arrangements for her and her team to work comfortably. By the end of May 2019, the framework of T-rex and the body structure of T-rex was completed with the committed involvement and strong support from her students turned assistants Kajal Agarwal and Dipti Vartak from Mumbai.

The quality of fondant and the colors to be used were tested out during her visit in August. The Anna Austin modeling paste by Sugarin sponsored the required fondant and the durability in the
humid weather was tested by Subhashini Ramsingh. It was found to withstand the weather conditions and was very stable. The choice of this product for this project speaks all about the qualities of this product.

The last stage of the T-Rex started twelve days before the event. Here she was also supported by Neelam Keswani and Srilekha Krishnakumar along with the earlier team to execute the rigorous task of completing the creation of Vajra- the T-Rex. From carving the structure of the TRex cake to attending to the intricate detailing was very effectively executed by Subhashini and her team with very long productive working hours. This would not have been possible without
the steady and strong support rendered by Omkraft to Subhashini and her team.

It took 850 man hours, 80 kilograms of Anna’s modeling paste from Sugarin, 100 kilograms of marshmallows, 150 kilograms of modeling chocolate, brush paint colors from Sugarin, and edible
glaze to bring Vajra to life.

Vajra-the indestructible is the result of perfect planning, detailing and execution of what was just a little idea that Subhashini Ramsingh had as 2019 dawned.

And here stands tall the massive life-like edible structure VAJRA at ‘The CAKEOLOGY 2019’,created for Cake Masters, India.