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This free class is a glimpse of one of our long-term courses, “Basic Baking Online Masterclass”. There are almost 15 Baked products that you will learn as part of the Basic Baking course in addition to Baking Business lessons.

In this lesson, you will learn how to make melt-in-your-mouth butter cookies and dulce de leche which is nothing but caramelised condensed milk. Alfajores are nothing but a Latin-American sandwich cookie putting together the elements you have learnt to make in this short course.

This is a free lesson which you can enrol now and get access to the video lessons right away. If you liked how this short glimpse of our Masterclass was, then do get in touch with us to enrol for the long-term course, which has a lot of recipes that you can learn along with the business aspects of home baking. This will set you out to kick-starting your home baking business in the ever-growing industry!


8 Lessons

Butter Cookies (With Eggs)

Butter Cookies Introduction
Butter Cookies Dough Making (WITH EGGS)16:45
Dulce De Leche Making6:36

Butter Cookies (Eggless)

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