The Grand Inauguration of Fondbites Studio 2.0

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The Grand Inauguration of Fondbites Studio 2.0

Subhashini Ramsingh invites you all to the studio launch event of Fondbites School of Sugar Art – ‘The Grand Inauguration’. This place has been carefully designed to provide baking and cake decorating courses in a face-to-face physical class mode of learning. And we are also launching a cloud kitchen-based pastry shop that would cater to the cake and dessert needs of Chennai city.

Fondbites has always been a frontier in teaching baking and cake decorating to thousands of students in the past 10 years. Now with this new space, Fondbites also steps into a cloud kitchen for cakes, pastries and desserts, so we also have Fondbites Patisserie launching on the same day.

From the day of the inauguration, we are proud to announce the commencement of both the

  • Fondbites Cake School – an In-person learning facility for baking and cake decorating
  • Fondbites Patisserie – Cloud kitchen-based pastry shop

This one-day event is scheduled to have expert tutors in our baking and cake decorating field, the stalwarts of the industry grace the occasion and inaugurate the studio and patisserie.

We will be having a lot of fun games throughout the day and every winner will be getting goodies worth Rs.5000/- from our sponsors. Each participant of the event will be getting goodie bags with products worth Rs.1000/- from our sponsors.

Find below the details of the demos by each of the experts that will be spread across the entire day.

Subhashini Ramsingh

Subhashini Ramsingh, a multi-award winning Cake Instructor is the Founder and the face behind Fondbites School of Sugar Art. Being in this industry and running a successful cake school for about 10 years, Subhashini is extremely passionate about teaching cakes and cake art through both in-person and online modes of teaching over the past years.

Subhashini is self learnt and she has carved a niche out of herself to be one of the most sought after teachers in the cake industry. She has been awarded as one of Top 10 Cake Artists of India in the year 2018. Fondbites School of Sugar Art has been awarded the ‘Best Online Education’ in India in the year 2019.

Second to teaching cakes, her passion is to create life size cakes, sculpted to perfection. Her life size Santa Claus cake made in the year 2018 is about 6 feet tall and Vajra, a T-Rex cake was made in the year 2019 which was 7 feet tall and 15 feet wide. Both these were the epitome of her skill towards cake sculpting.

Her immense hardwork with a never to quit attitude, perseverance and fighting spirit, Subhashini has moved in to a bigger and a better space that would cater to both In-person Physical hands-on classes and a cloud kitchen based Pastry Shop – ‘Fondbites Patisserie’ to cater to the dessert and cake needs in Chennai.

Subhashini Ramsingh will be teaching you to make this stunning Carved Handbag Cake.

Rumana Jaseel

Rumana Jaseel, with over 15 years of experience, is one of the leading Pastry Chefs in India. As a Chef Entrepreneur and owner of Incredible Art, Kochi, she is the Executive Pastry Chef,
Chocolatier and Academy Head at 8 year old Incredible Art- Artisan Cake Boutique & Academy. Chef Rumana is a Certified Pâtissier & Chocolatier, City and Guilds, London, with immense passion and drives to explore the field of World Class Pastry the International way. A dedicated and Passionate Chef Instructor who never tires from sharing her immense knowledge and moulds and builds in her students, a desire to perfect a strong foundation in Pastry and Baking by practicing skills on a range of beautiful creations from Classics to the most recent Modernistic approach in the Pastry and Cake World. A person who strongly believes that “Once knowledge and skills are MASTERED, there is no limit to what one can create in this vast world of Pastry. She/ he can create Magic in true sense”. A person who also believes that “Learning never ends, and must continue”.

Rumana Jaseel will be teaching you an absolutely gorgeous gumpaste David Austin Rose.

Samie Ramachandran

Samie J Ramachandran is the director of sugar sculpt academy, Bangalore. He has been awarded “The top 10  cake artist” in 2017 and 2018 in India by cake masters magazine. Also a finalist for cake masters aka cake oscars award for “Rising star award” 2018 and was awarded the cake hero award in 2019 ICA. And been featured in most newspapers including Deccan times, Express and also been featured in local and international magazines and local and international blog etc and also teaches all over India and also internationally. He imparts this passion to his students, teaching them to challenge creative frontiers in cake art as an advanced sugar art instructor at sugar sculpt academy. 

Samie Ramachandran will be teaching you to make this elegant Buttercream Velvet Spray Cake.

Smriti Iyer

Chef Smriti Iyer is the founder of SS Online School for Baking & Pastry founded in 2014. Specializes in EggFree/Vegan Pastry with unique flavour combinations and special attention given to minute understandings of ingredients and techniques.

Smriti Iyer will be teaching you Cacao Sunset, a Decadent Chocolate Cookie with melt in the mouth Orange Caramel Center.

Aditi Garware

Aditi Garware is a former lawyer who successfully practiced law and then turned to the field of baking & patisserie. She is now a Celebrity Chef, baking influencer, YouTuber and one of India’s top 10 cake artists awarded by Cakemasters UK. Aditi is the winner of the reality show Chef vs Fridge on Zee Cafe India. She has also been featured on various media portals like Femina, The Times of India, The Indian Express, etc. She was recently awarded as the Times Most Inspiring Woman and The Hospitality Icon. With over 1 lakh followers on Instagram, she continues to revolutionise the field of baking and cake decoration in her own unique way.

Aditi Garware will be teaching you Cheesecake jars – 3 ways, Quick & easy way to whip up some amazing cheesecakes. (Lotus Biscoff Nutella, Very Berry Cheesecake, Rabdi Jalebi Cheesecake)

Karthika Sravanthi

Karthika Sravanthi is the founder of Bakeman Begins, a cloud based patisserie based in Chennai. She specializes in custom cakes and French Patisserie. She has also bundled up her 10 years of experience in the industry by creating courses online in my e-learning platform. She conducts offline hands-on courses too.

Karthika Sravanthi will be teaching you Orange and cranberry spiced Bundt cake.

Maaria Kulsum Tanveer

Maaria Kulsum Tanveer – Baker, Cake decorator, Instructor and owner of Cafe Adoniya _ a much sort after place for custom made , themed luxury cakes and desserts. She specializes in high end wedding and all kinds of celebration cakes and also teaches all levels of baking and cake decoration all over India and online.

Maaria Kulsum Tanveer will be teaching you Gluten free, Egg free Christmas fruit cake.

Enroll for the event and come on over to visit us at the brand new studio of Fondbites School of Sugar Art. Experience a whole day of learning from our experts travelling down from all over India and also take home goodies from our amazing sponsors.

Our Sponsors:

Magic Colors, Sugar Shine India, Omkraft, Ultimakes, Sugarlane, Prop Affair, Sugarin, Ossoro, Fab flavours and fragrances.


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Experts Demo Videos

Chef Subhashini Ramsingh – Carved Handbag Cake1:16:28
Chef Samie Ramachandran – Buttercream Velvet Spray Cake52:08
Chef Karthika Sravanthi – Orange and Cranberry Spiced Bundt Cake28:35
Chef Maaria Kulsum Tanveer – Gluten free, Egg free Christmas Fruit Cake25:00
Chef Smriti Iyer – Cacao Sunset Cookie49:06
Chef Aditi Garware – Cheesecake Jars41:37
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