Portrait Painting Online Course

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Portrait Painting Online Course

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Start Time Thursday, Aug 11, 2022 11:00 AM
Timezone Asia/Calcutta
Duration 3h:00m
Portrait Painting Online Course
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This is a live demonstration course in which you will learn to do a portrait painting on a cake.

What do you learn ?

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Lesson#1 Choose Image & Resize

For a portrait painting, we need to first choose the right inspiration image. In this lesson you will learn what kind of images to look for as an inspiration to work on your portrait painting. Also, not all images are the exact size of your cake. So, you also learn how to resize the image that you have chosen and fit the image in the shape of the cake that you will work on.

Lesson#2 Tracing the Image

Once the image has been chosen, you will be taught how to trace the image. You don’t have to be artistic to replicate a portrait. You just need the right technique to work on and that is what you will learn in this lesson.

Lesson#3 Shading the Image

Now before moving on to the actual cake, one should get a complete understanding of the different colours and different shades in the chosen painting. To get that understanding, in this lesson you will be taught to learn the different shades and how to shade them on a normal paper using color pencils.

Lesson#4 Buttercream Making

Once you have made the pre-preparations with the chosen image, we move on to teaching you how to make the perfect buttercream that will be used to work on the buttercream painting technique.

Lesson#5 Coloring the Buttercream

Now coloring the Buttercream can be tricky when it comes to the exact shades that you need to do with respect to your chosen inspiration image. Here in this lesson, you will be taught how to get the rare shades using the regular gel colors that any baker would have.

Lesson#6 Transferring Image to the Cake

Learn how to transfer the traced image on to the cake correctly. This is just one important step before we start the actual final painting on the cake.

Lesson#7 Buttercream Painting

Finally learn how to transfer the image on the cake, work on the painting technique and complete making the portrait painting on the cake. 

This is an end to end perfect session to learn the technique of doing portrait painting on a cake.

Course Mode –
This is a LIVE session but in an interactive mode through the Zoom app. Students will be allowed to ask the queries during the course and will also have dedicated time at the end of the course to ‘Raise Hands’ in the zoom app and talk to the tutor and ask their queries directly and get the doubts clarified.

After Course Support –
Students will have after course support for a 2 weeks period, in which the students can try the portrait painting on a cake and get an understanding of how this technique works.

The live will be recorded and the video lesson will be available to the students even after the LIVE is over. The validity of the video lesson will be lifetime.

For meeting id and passcode details, visit the same page after purchase.


7 Lessons

Portrait Painting Lessons

L#1 – Choose Image & Resize11:51
L#2 – Tracing the Image29:56
L#3 – Shading the Image00:22:34
L#4 – Buttercream Making00:13:17
L#5 – Coloring the Buttercream00:15:55
L#6 – Transferring Image to the Cake00:3:05
L#7 – Buttercream Painting00:28:20

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