White Chocolate Orange Brownies

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These Orange brownies are really delicious, with amazingly pleasant Orange flavor infused from the zest of the fresh Orange. The white chocolate brownies, I usually believe they are the unsung heroes in the world of brownies. They are absolutely delicious and it becomes easier to flavor the brownie the way I have flavored it using the Orange zest, you could do it with any fruit of your choice.

You can also add fresh fruits into the brownies batter for additional texture and the flavor from that .You can play around with different kinds of nuts or dried fruits, depending on your palette. The choice of how you want your brownie to be this recipe is a keeper and my favorite Orange flavor is combined here.

To enjoy these delicious brownies, which will melt in your mouth, go ahead and try this recipe out and do let me know if you liked it and share your experience.


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White Chocolate Orange Brownies

White Chocolate Orange Brownies26:56

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