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About This Course

Become a Cake Artist in 30 days –

An Online Cake Decorating Marathon

Become a Cake Artist in 30 days is an Online Cake Decorating Marathon that will be held as a 30-day event under the able guidance of our Multi-Award-Winning Cake Artist, Subhashini Ramsingh, who will be the mentor of this program, bringing out the artist within each participating member of this 30-day challenge.

The 30-day program is carefully curated with a series of lessons, starting from baking the right sponges to layering them correctly and working on the sharp edges of various frosting mediums, including whipped cream, buttercream, dark ganache, white ganache, and fondant.

You won’t just learn the basics; this program includes creating three different wedding cakes using three different mediums: Ganache, Buttercream, and Fondant.

The marathon covers a wide range of techniques, such as chocolate decorations, stenciling on cakes, edible geode, rosettes piping using whipped cream, fondant & gumpaste figurines, themed cakes using fondant, sugar flowers (rose & peony), wafer paper flowers (anemone & bougainvillea), hard sugar candy sails, wafer & rice paper sails, edible lace, cake carving, novelty cakes, 2-tier & 3-tier stacking, and many tips & tricks included in this 30-day journey.

The video lessons will be pre-recorded, providing detailed guidance on how you will work with us through this 30 days, including a roadmap from the start to the end of the journey. You will also be given recipes for the sponges to bake and work on all the different frosting mediums. This includes both Egg & Eggless options for all participants.

There will be four different live sessions during the weekends, where you can interact and discuss your doubts and the progress of the challenge with Subhashini.

This 30-day program is a one-of-a-kind cake marathon, where you get to learn baking cakes together with all the different mediums of frosting, along with various cake decorating techniques.

This particular challenge will be conducted only once, and there won’t be a repeat of this same marathon in the future. If you are a beginner baker looking to improve your cake decorating skills or a cake decorator interested in perfecting your cake decorating skills with a continuous one-month push, working on this entire list as per the curriculum will transform your skills magically through this one-month journey.

The following are covered in this 30-day program:

1. Bake Chocolate Cake
2. Layer the Cake
3. Sharp Edges using Ganache
4. Chocolate Spheres Ganache Cake
5. Bake & Layer for Buttercream Cake
6. Buttercream Sharp Edges
7. Buttercream Stencil & Wafer Paper Sail
8. Bake & Layer Whipped Cream Cake
9. Whipped Cream Sharp Edges
10. Whipped Cream Ombre Rosettes Cake
11. Bake & Layer for White Ganache Cake
12. Double Barrel White Ganache Sharp Edges
13. Decorate with Hard Candy Sugar Sails
14. Fondant Figurines – Animals & Humans
15. Bake, Layer & Ganache for a Fondant Cake
16. Fondant Draping & Sharp Edges
17. Finish a Forest Themed Fondant Cake
18. Bake & Layer 2-Tier Buttercream Cake
19. Finish Buttercream Wedding Cake
20. Bake & Layer 2-Tier Whipped cream cake
21. Whipped Cream Cake with Geode
22. Sugar Flower – Rose
23. Sugar Flower – peony
24. Wafer flower – Anemone
25. Wafer flower – Bougainvillea
26. Buds, Berries & Leaves
27. Bake & Layer for 3-Tier Wedding Cake
28. Stack 3-Tier Wedding Cake
29. Decorate Wedding Cake using Flowers
30. Carved Handbag Cake

The entry fee for this 30-day challenge is kept very nominal, so many aspiring bakers could join and make use of this opportunity to learn from Subhashini herself and get trained under her mentorship.

Total Course Fee: ₹899/-
Start date: 29th January 2024
Lifetime access to recipes & all video lessons
Limited seats only!

Mode of Working:

1. All enrolled students will be added to an exclusive WhatsApp group, where they can clarify doubts with mentors and share their completed work for feedback.

2. Video lessons and recipes, according to each day’s schedule, will be periodically released on the course website.

3. Students will receive daily instructions on how to navigate the course and guidance on required tasks.

4. All participating students will receive a ‘Certificate of Participation.’

5. Those adhering to the course schedule and completing all tasks will earn a ‘Certificate of Completion.’

6. Outstanding performers will be awarded a ‘Certificate of Excellence.’

7. Upon enrollment, an email will be sent within 24 hours, providing the ‘Tools List’ required for the entire 30 days schedule.

8. Working at the course’s pace is optional, and participation in the 30-day marathon is not compulsory. You can still enroll and learn by watching the volumes of video lessons and use them at a later point of time as needed in your baking career.

9. Continuous support will be provided for an additional 30 days, making it a total of 60 days. You have the option to utilize the entire 60 days to complete the tasks. After this period, our team will review the work to award the ‘Certificate of Completion’ and the ‘Certificate of Excellence.’ Results will be shared at the end of the 60 days. Others will still receive the ‘Certificate of Participation.’

Do not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn everything about cake decorating in a sequential order, which is the right way to learn and groom yourself into a skilled cake artist.

Join now! (As the entry fee is kept minimum, we expect slots to get filled up fast, so enroll now to avoid disappointments, as we will close the registrations once the slots are full).

Here is a short intro to Subhashini Ramsingh, so you would get an idea of whose guidance you are signing up for by enrolling in this 30-day cake decorating marathon.

Subhashini Ramsingh, an acclaimed award-winning cake instructor based in Chennai, India, has been at the forefront of the country’s baking community for over 12 years. As the founder of Fondbites School of Sugar Art, she has cultivated a remarkable track record of nurturing aspiring bakers and cake artists. Many of her students have since become renowned personalities, a testament to her passion and commitment to upholding the legacy of Fondbites.

Beyond her role as an exceptional teacher, Subhashini Ramsingh has carved a niche for herself in the realm of sculpting life-sized cakes. Her journey in this artistic pursuit began in the year 2018, where Subhashini showcased her exceptional skills with the creation of the ‘All-edible Santa Claus’. The meticulous planning and execution spanned over 350 hours, resulting in an intricately detailed masterpiece that reflected her dedication to the craft. This creation not only demonstrated Subhashini’s artistry but also left a lasting impression on the industry.

The year 2019 witnessed the emergence of “Vajra-the indestructible,” a product of Subhashini Ramsingh’s perfect planning and execution. Stemming from a small idea at the dawn of 2019, this creation highlighted her ability to turn concepts into awe-inspiring edible art, showcasing her continuous pursuit of excellence.

Fast forward to 2023, and Subhashini presents “Veer – The War Elephant,” a life-size display showpiece reflecting her humble attempt to showcase sculpting skills. Unveiled at Cakeology, Mumbai, this exhibit not only demonstrates Subhashini’s artistic evolution but also serves as a testament to her enduring impact on the world of baking and sugar art. Her commitment to empowering others through meticulously crafted training programs, both online and in-person, continues to inspire a new generation of talented bakers and cake artists, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Material Includes

  • Course Start Date : 29 Jan 2024
  • Duration : 30 days
  • Mode : Online


158 Lessons


Course Introduction5:38
Tools required00:00

Baking Introduction

Day#1 – Bake Chocolate Cake

Day#2 – Layer the Cake

Day#3 – Sharp Edges using Ganache

Day#4 – Chocolate Spheres Ganache Cake

Cake Photography

Day#5 – Bake & Layer for Buttercream Cake

Day#6 – Buttercream Sharp Edges

Day#7 – Buttercream Pallete Knife Cake

Day#8 – Bake & Layer Whipped Cream Cake

Day#9 – Whipped Cream Sharp Edges

Day#10 – Whipped Cream Ombre Rosettes Cake

Day#11 – Bake & Layer for White Ganache Cake

Zoom Live#1

Day#12 – Double Barrel White Ganache Sharp Edges

Day#13 – Decorate with Hard Candy Sugar Sails

Day#14 – Bake & Layer 2-Tier Buttercream Cake

Day#15 – Finish Buttercream Wedding Cake

Day#16 – Bake & Layer 2-Tier Whipped cream cake

Day#17 – Whipped Cream Cake with Geode

Day#18 – Fondant Figurines – Animals & Humans

Day#19 – Bake, Layer & Ganache for a Fondant Cake

Day#20 – Fondant Draping & Sharp Edges

Day#21 – Finish a Forest Themed Fondant Cake

Day#22 – Sugar Flower – Rose

Day#23 – Sugar Flower – Peony

Day#24 – Anemone

Day#25 – Wafer Flowers – Bougainvillea

Day#26 – Berries & Filler flowers

Day#27 – Bake & Layer for 3-Tier Wedding Cake

Day#28 – Stack 3-Tier Wedding Cake

Day#29 – Decorate Wedding Cake using Flowers

Day#30 – Carved Handbag Cake

Zoom Final Live

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Material Includes

  • Course Start Date : 29 Jan 2024
  • Duration : 30 days
  • Mode : Online
Enrollment validity: Lifetime