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Gingerbread house are a must to do when its the festive season around christmas. Making a single tier house using the slabs of gingerbread cookies are not quite complicated, but here I wanted to try out a 2 tier structure for the gingerbread house and teach you all how to make this. In this full length video you will learn everything about how to build a new structure from scratch using cardboard and create your own templates. And then the perfect recipe of the gingerbread cookies which are apt for making the house to keep it sturdy for a few weeks. I have used the right technique using sugar syrup as the glue to stick the panels, so you could do them all immediately without anyone’s help all by yourself and they stick immediately. Also I have used royal icing to do the decorations and I’m sure if you are looking for a hand-held guidance on how to make gingerbread house, then this video has all the answers you need!

This technique was made as part of Cakes Unplugged with Subhashini Ramsingh monthly cake decorating collab. This Colab is unique where I will be demonstrating a technique on the first Monday of every month.

I invite everyone to join this collab for free. Watch the live video, learn the technique and make the cake or the technique that I have demonstrated in the live. Post your work in of Facebook group Cakes Unplugged with Subhashini Ramsingh so I will review your work and give you my feedback. And in the last day of the month, all those who have participated in the collab will be posting the take pictures in your own social media handles with the hashtag #cakesunplugged #fondbitescollab. Every month we will have 3 winners. Each winner will receive a

Also, all those who have to participated for twelve months in a row will be invited to the brand new Fondbites Studio located in Chennai, India to spend the day with me filled with lots of learnings.
The first week itself I wanted to give everyone a really nice opportunity to carve a cake in the shape of a pumpkin. Carving is an intimidating skill for beginners, and as you watch the video, you will be able to understand, but it’s pretty simple by following certain specific rules which are not really difficult to achieve.

If you are a first time and carving the cake, go ahead, watch the video and learn the step by step instructions as I take you through the basics of carving, which I had done completely in live. So the steps are not missed out and you can watch to understand the steps on how to carve a pumpkin cake.


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Gingerbread House

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