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This is a 3 month long online course which focuses on giving a hands-on training for bakers to learn everything about fondant cakes. Right from making homemade fondant to making a carved designer cake everything is included under one roof.

The course is planned in such a way that each lesson will be released in a systematic manner and ample time will be given to the students to work on each lesson and get step by step approval from mentors who would be constantly guiding and sending feedback for improvement.

The video lessons are pre-recorded and can be watched anytime convenient to the students. Students also work in the time convenient to them, as we will be having a 24/7 mentor support system in place. Each student will be getting individual attention as they work on the lessons.

The course curriculum starts with basics of fondant right from making the shapes and moves on the animal figurines and human figurines. You will be learning to work on both Ganache and Buttercream frosting with sharp edges. Also, you will be learning to work on both round and square cakes.

Students will be encouraged to design their own themed cakes and make their 2D and 3D cakes as per their choice of the themes with complete guidance from the mentors.

The final lesson is a carved cake, where you will be guided to carve a boot house, in which you will also learn how to work with Rice Krispy Treats (RKT).

At the end of the course, you would have mastered everything about fondant and will be able to make fondant cakes in all forms confidently.

Tools and material lists will be provided upon registration and guidance will be provided to procure them. Course completion certificate will be provided at the end of the course based on the performance of each of the student.

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1. Cakes suitable for fondant

Making fondant cakes are very exciting, however the right sponge which is moist is very important. Also, the sponges should be able to take the weight of fondant, so it will help the fondant cakes stay stable. In this lesson, you will get fool proof recipes for using under fondant cakes.

2. Homemade Fondant

Fondant these days are readily available in the market. However, the recipe shared in this course is a foolproof fondant recipe that can be made at a relatively low making cost that gives amazing results to drape the cakes.

3. Homemade Gumpaste

Recipe for homemade gumpaste will be shared along with the making video. This perfect gumpaste is suitable for making figurines and sugar flowers. We will be using this gumpaste further in the lessons for making figurines.

4. Ganache

Ganache is made using chocolate and fresh cream. The right consistency is important to make it work with fondant cakes. The perfect recipes and ratios of dark, milk and white chocolate ganache are shared in this lesson.

5. Italian Meringue Buttercream (IMBC)

Fondant can be covered over cakes that are frosted with buttercream. In this lesson you will learn how to make Italian Meringue Buttercream. We will be further using IMBC to frost a cake which will then be covered with fondant

6. Rice Krispy Treats

Rice Krispy Treats which are used on cakes for making unconventional shapes yet to keep the structure lighter should be sturdy and stable. The recipe shared in this lesson is perfect for making structure cakes using RKT and is stable in small as well humongous size.

7. Colouring Fondant/ Gumpaste

In this lesson you will learn the right way to colour the fondant/gumpaste. We will be using different shades of fondant and gumpaste for making the figurines and also to cover the cake.

8. Basic Fondant Shapes

To begin working with fondant we should start with understanding how to make the basic shapes. Different kinds of figurines use different shapes for each of its components. In this basic lesson, you will learn all the different kinds of shapes that are necessary which will make the understanding of figurines easier.

9. Duck

This is the first figurine of the course. Pretty simple to make and easy to get perfect results that will boost your confidence as you start figurine modelling.

10. Cow

In this you will learn how to model a sitting animal with cute features. Cow is an example of how any other 3D character that can be made with cute expressions which is sitting on the cake. This technique can be used for making any animal or character.

11. Lion

You will learn this lion figurine as another variant of a sitting animal which has a bit more additional detailing that is necessary to practice as you move towards the advance level of figure modelling

12. Sheep

In this lesson you will learn how to make a simple 4-legged standing sheep. Using the same technique, you can make any character or animal standing in 4 legs.

13. Unicorn

You will learn how to make a cute looking unicorn which is standing in its 4 legs but this is a different variant to the previous lesson. Using this technique, you can make the figurines bigger where the legs are separate and gives much more detailing to the character.

14. Human Figurine

Human figurine is an important aspect when it comes to figure modelling. In this lesson you will learn how to make a human figurine. Understand the different shapes and poses that you can make. Difference between a boy and a girl and how to achieve them. Making cute features of the face including the dress and hair details.

15. How to use Silicon Moulds

Silicon moulds are readily available quick way of completing a fondant cake. Though I recommend building the skill to make any kind of sugar art, learning how to properly use a silicon mould becomes a necessity to bridge the gap when we need to mass produce cakes. So in this lesson I have included the easiest and the right way of using silicon mould and make fondant toppers.

16. Cobble Stone Texture

Cobble stone effect is a beautiful texture that can be used as a pavement in a garden themed cake. Also can be added to the sides of the cake making it look like a stone wall. In this lesson I have explained the tips and tricks for making this beautiful cobble stone texture.

17. Wooden Bark Texture

Wooden Bark texture is very interesting to make. Layers of fondant and wafer paper are rightly blended with the addition of colours and moisture to give this realistic bark effect. These are perfect to add to the sides of the cake like bark tiles. This can also be used for covering up the board that will take your cakes to next level.

18. 6 Different kinds of Ruffles

Fondant ruffles is a vintage classic technique that any cake artist should learn and practice. They add a lot of movement and makes even a simple cake look gorgeous. In this lesson you will learn the easiest way to get the perfect ruffles with the strips of fondant. I have added not 1 or 2 but 6 different kinds of ruffles.

19. Tree with Armature

Trees add a lot of movement to themed fondant cakes. Especially when the trees look realistic it has to be made using an armature. In this lesson, you will learn to create an armature for making trees. And then learn how to cover the armature for making the trunk and branches of the leaves. Also, learn to make a microwave sponge that creates realistic leaves for the branches. You will also learn how to attach a large-sized figurine on a cake like this tree without it collapsing during travel.

20. Simple Sugar Flowers

Sugar flowers are an essential skill to learn for any cake artist. I have included some of the basic sugar flowers in this lesson. You will learn how to make a beautiful filler flower – Parrejat, berries, buds and Cosmos.

21. Storing Fondant Figurines

Fondant figurines and gumpaste flowers can be made ahead of time because they take up quite sometime to get them perfect. But due to humidity the fondant work becomes sticky and loses its shape. In this lesson, you will learn the perfect method to make the figurines and flowers ahead of time and store them safely without losing their shape

22. Round Ganache Sharp Edges

Cakes should first be layered and then frosted before draping with fondant. In this lesson, you will be learning how to layer and cover a cake with ganache and achieve sharp edges and straight sides with a foolproof technique.

23. Square IMBC Sharp Edges

In this course, you will be learning both round and square cakes. Also, fondant cakes can be frosted with both ganache and buttercream. In this lesson, you will learn how to cover a square cake with buttercream and achieve sharp edges and straight sides.

24. Drape Round Cake with Fondant

A good cake artist should have expertise in covering a cake with fondant and getting razor-sharp edges. In this lesson, you will learn the sure-shot method to cover a cake with fondant and get sharp edges and smooth sides.

25. Drape Square Cake with Fondant

Square cakes are always tricky to work with. In this lesson, I have demystified the method of covering a square cake with fondant and getting sharp edges. You will learn the easiest and the sure-shot method to cover a square cake with fondant.

26. Sketching a Themed Cake

There are a lot of inspirations for different themes of cakes. However, it is important to create unique cakes and not copy an existing cake. To create unique cakes, we start with designing the cake by yourself. This step starts with drawing your own sketch and placing the elements accordingly. This sketch is the first step to create perfect themed fondant cakes.

27. 2D Fondant Cake

2D cakes are very important to learn, because there could be instances where you need to depict a scene or a character on the side or on the top of the cake with minimal use of fondant. In this lesson you will learn how to cover a prepared round cake with fondant and get razor sharp edges. You will also learn how to use an inspiration and make your own templates and cut out the fondant making the elements for the 2D and attach them on the cake.

28. 3D Fondant Cake

3D fondant cakes are the hero of the show! It is very liberating when you get to learn how to make a complete fondant cake which is filled with the figurines you learn and make as part of the course. Here, you will learn how to sketch a cake with the elements taken from the theme of choice. Drape the prepared cake with fondant and achieve razor sharp edges and complete the themed cake by giving the final finishes as required.

29. How to Carve a Cake

As we move further down the lessons, you will learn advanced techniques such as carving a cake into the desired shape. In this lesson, you will learn how to layer and carve a cake in the shape of a boot.

30. Ganache Unconventional Shaped Cake

Ganache regular shape of cakes such as round and square becomes easy as we learn the right techniques. However, ganaching unconventional shapes such as a boot become tricky. In this lesson, you will learn how to apply ganache on the boot-shaped cake and get smooth sides.

31. Working with Rice Krispy Treats

When we work on bigger structures, using cakes becomes a bit tricky and difficult to balance the weight of the cake as the structure goes taller. Learning to use Rice Krispy Treats is an added benefit where you get to make the shapes of the structure which is less in weight and makes the cake as a whole much more stable.

32. Boot House Novelty Cake

To this amazing course, comes an even amazing lesson. After practicing everything from the basics to upto 2D and 3D cakes, you will now enter into another level of dreamy world. Here, you will learn to create an exceptional 3D carved Boot House Cake. You will learn how to carve a cake in the shape of a boot. Make Rice Krispy Treats and build the house. Drape the boot and get the right finishing. Add all the additional detailing including the shading. Complete the house with the fence and rest of the detailing. Stack the house over the boot and make a realistic grass effect on the cake board.

Once you have made this cake, you would have mastered everything that you needed to know about fondant!

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Animal Figurines

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Wooden Bark Texture

Fondant Ruffles

How to Use Silicon Moulds

Tree with Armature

Simple Sugar Flowers

2D Cake

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Boot House Carved Cake

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  • Course Mode : Online
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