Course Overview:

  • The course covers from the basics of baking and slowly takes you through the intermediate levels, including international desserts.
  • Each week a new recipe with detailed instructions and a video lesson will be released to the registered students. Each student will be working on weekly deadlines to repeat the recipe from the comfort of your home and I will be personally monitoring the progress of each of the students.
  • We will finish one complete cake with a filling and a frosting each week and make 15 different kinds of cakes in 15 weeks, each of which will be made with new set of techniques, covering a wide range of probability and ideas that can be further used to enhance your flavor combinations in your future cakes.
  • At the end of the 15 weeks, each student will be assessed with 4 weeks of 4 different tests. The assessment criteria will be passed on to the registered students. Based on the test results, each student will be graded and the final certificate will be issued based on the performance of the entire course and the assessment.

Fondbites Online Cake Baking Masterclass

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

First week of the course will be a walk through of the course content. The course details will be explained in detail and you will complete a basic task to understand the details.

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

In this lesson you will learn to bake the perfect vanilla butter cake that is light and airy. You will also get to know the secrets of making “The perfect Italian meringue buttercream”. It can be introduced as your unique signature style amidst other bakers.

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

You will learn to bake a sturdy chocolate butter cake that is light and a delicious buttercream that uses chocolate to give it a rich flavour.

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

In this lesson you will learn to bake a perfect vanilla oil cake, rich and delicious; salted caramel sauce, pralines and luscious Swiss meringue buttercream. You will also learn to assemble the butterscotch cake with these fillings giving the favourite cake a twist and making it your signature cake.

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

Learn to make a light and moist chocolate oil cake; the perfect way of making chocolate ganache with the right ratio and strength and a luscious chocolate mousse. Create the ultimate Chocolate indulgence .

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

Learn to make cream cheese and mascarpone cheese from scratch at home. Bake the best ever red velvet cake with the most delicious cream cheese frosting that pairs the best with red velvet cake.

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

You will learn about different kinds of dry fruits and nuts to be used in the rich fruit cakes, that are made especially during the christmas season. You will learn the right way of soaking the dry fruits and preparing them for the cake. You will bake the best ever rich fruit cake that is perfect for the season. Also learn how to age your fruit cakes in this lesson.

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

You will learn how to make cream cheese at home. Using the same you will learn to make the best ever cheesecake. Learn to flavour them using fresh seasonal fruits and ways of flavouring the cheesecake with non-seasonal fruits. You will also learn about different flavours that can be used to make a cheesecake. * Both Gelatin and Agar agar options will be given

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

You will learn to bake the perfect chocolate genoise cake which is the most important component of a blackforest cake. Learn to make the rich yet light creme diplomat, cherry syrup and compote and assemble the perfect blackforest cake using all the components made. Also learn to make rustic chocolate shards to decorate your cake.

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

You will learn to bake the lightest vanilla sponge cake which is the base for any pastry cake. Learn to make fruit compotes from fresh produces and non-seasonal fruits. Make creme diplomate and assemble the most delicious fresh fruit gateau

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

In this lesson you learn to make Mango mousse cake bursting with the flavour of the fruit in the season and also know of options for the cake during the non season. Use all components to make the most delicious mango mousse cake with the richness of mascarpone cheese.

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

Citrus fruit curds are one of the best ways to retain the strength and flavour of the fruits. You will learn to make the most delicious orange curd and use them on a vanilla butter cake. Learn to make meringue and toast it with blow torch. This is one of the most delicious cakes.

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

Tiramisu is a coffee flavoured Italian dessert. You learn to bake the lady fingers ( Finger sized sponges) from scratch. Learn to make the luscious coffee flavoured mascarpone cheese cream and assemble the traditional tiramisu.

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

Jar cakes are the smaller portions of different flavours of cake. It is convenient in a way that it comes in smaller portions but has the same flavour pairings like a regular cake. You will learn the best way of assembling the jar cakes where the moisture of the sponge is retained at its best and all the different combination of flavours that you can do in jar cakes and mousse cups.

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

L’opera is a french dessert made with layers of almond sponge soaked in coffee syrup and layered with chocolate ganache and coffee flavoured buttercream. You learn all of this from scratch and assemble them.

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

Entremet is a classic dessert which has layers of sponges, mousses and jelly, showcasing different textures and different flavours that can combine well together. In this you learn to make chocolate sponge, caramel jelly, orange milk chocolate mousse, chocolate mirror glaze and assemble an entremet.

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

In this week of the course, you will have an assessment with multiple choice questions of what you have learnt through the entire course.

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

In this week the assessment will be a practical one. You will be creating your own gourmet layered cake after doing research on different flavour pairings that are widely available.

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

This week you will move ahead to create new dessert on your own. Inspired by Frankenpastries , you will create cakes taking ideas from different desserts.

BY: Subhashini Ramsingh

In this last assessment, you will be asked to create your own menu card for your business and ideas discussed for taste testing and how to handle taste testing with clients in future correspondence in your baking career

Tools Required for the Course:

  • Baking oven
  • Electric hand beater /Stand mixer
  • Measuring cups – US metric
  • Measuring spoons
  • Digital Kitchen scale
  • Cake baking pans – Round 7 and 8 inches
  • Baking tray
  • Cooling rack
  • Butter paper
  • Oven mitt
  • Sifter/Sieve
  • Silicon spatula
  • Offset metal spatula – 6 inches
  • Pastry brush
  • Mixing bowls
  • Balloon wire whisk
  • Serrated knife
  • Kitchen knife
  • Cake rings – 4, 5 and 6 inches
  • Glass jars – 50 ml/100ml
  • Piping bags
  • Basic nozzle set
  • Cling wrap
  • Aluminium foil
  • 1 or 2 OHP sheets
  • Food colors – Red (Rest if required)
  • Blow torch – Not required for eggless bakers

Students Testimonial.

“Subhashini is a thorough professional with immense patience and understanding.”

Naina Krishna, Hyderabad, India

“The best thing i did was to enroll for this course. Im really very happy with the teaching and the course syllabus.”

Rati Kulkarni, Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra, India

“Extremely glad that i took up this coursee. Turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made so far.”

Gayathri Vijayakumar, Essen, Germany

“The online class is just like a physical class. All our queries are perfectly handled and answered just like a physical class.”

Jayeadha Nambiar, Lagos, Nigeria

“Fonddbites online cake baking masterclass is truely amazing. Im very happy and satisfied to join this course. Highly recommended.”

Shwetha Chawdary, Zurich, Switzerland

“The class is really aweosme. I am proud that my first attempt at decorating was done under the remote guidance of an excellent teacher.”

Sumita Vidyashankar, Chennai, India

“The round the clock support of the mentors help us cross each hurdle. The videos lessons and texted recipes are very clear.”

Aparna Frijo, Coimbatore, India

“Well planned course content. Helpful mentors always ready to answer queries. Am thoroughly enjoying thee sessions.”

Nirmala Muralishankar, Chennai, India

“Im amazed at how much effort you put in preparing each instructions and the structure of your curriculum.”

Rajalakshmi, Chennai, India

“I am pretty happy with the approach. Subha and mentors are extremely helpful . Im glad to have signed it up. Learning something new everyday.”

Urvee, Pune, India

“Joining this classs was one of the nest decisions I have taken. I love how patiently you solve each and everyones query and tackle issues faced while making any particular component.”

Kashmiora Dighe-Iyer, Lagos, Nigeria

“Learing from the comfort of your own kitchen is a great opportunity for people who live in a country where you find less class, is a boon. I am glad that i found this class.”

Yasaswini, Germany

“Remarkable support. Best place to learn. Such amazing mentors.”

Aishwarya Kumar, Dubai

“You are an amazing teacher who is patient enough to answer all queries without missing anyones questions. You are doing an amazing job through this online classes. The recipes are good and fool proof.”

Rashmi Sathish, Bangalore, India