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Subhashini Ramsingh

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In this 1 day interactive offline mode of workshop, learn this amazing structural cake where the students will learn to make the structure from the scratch with minimal tools and materials. Also, work with rice krispy treats for the stem of the mushroom and build the head with layers of cakes. Carve the cake to the shape of a mushroom and complete making the entire cake with details including wafer paper texture, microwave sponge and hard sugar candy coral.

What do you learn?

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Lesson#1 Building the Structure

We need a stable structure to balance the weight of the cake, especially in a cake like this mushroom where the stem is bent to an extent to make the mushroom look realistic. You will learn how to make this structure from scratch using threaded rods, nuts and bolts and make the entire structure edible safe before we proceed to work on the cakes.

Lesson#2 Stem of mushroom using Rice Krispy Treats

In a structured cake, there are a few places that are mandatory to use cakes and in certain places, we work with Rice Krispy Treats (RKT). RKT that you will learn in this course is specifically made to hold the shape and also allow carving to get specific shapes. You will learn to mould different shapes and work with RKT and its other purposes.

Lesson#3 Building head of mushroom using cakes

Cakes will be used to build the head of the mushroom. You will learn the right kind of sponges that can be used for structure cakes. Recipes of both Egg & Eggless will be shared for the same. You will learn how to layer the cakes and make them stay in place, especially in the slanted position of this mushroom. You will also be taught the general do’s and don’ts of using cakes in any kind of structure cakes.

Lesson#4 Carving Mushroom

Once the sponges are layered in any structure cake, it needs to be carved to a specific shape pertaining to the theme that we work on. In this course, you will learn how to carve the cake into the shape of a mushroom head. You will also learn the tips and tricks to carve the cakes in different other shapes needed for other common themes used in structure cakes.

Lesson#5 Ganaching Mushroom

Once the cake has been carved, you will learn to cover the cake and the RKT with Ganache. Traditional shapes of cakes are usually pretty straightforward to cover with Ganache. It is a bit tricky to cover the unconventional shapes of cakes and structures with Ganache and you will learn the same in this course. You will also be taught the right ratios of different Ganache. Also about the usage of buttercream and whipped cream medium to work on with structure cakes.

Lesson#6 Draping Mushroom

After a clean Ganache over the cake, you will learn to cover the cake with fondant and get a neat finish. As we work on unconventional shapes, you will learn the tips and tricks to get a neat fondant finish irrespective of the shapes that we carve and work on. You will also be getting the recipe for homemade fondant and gumpaste.

Lesson#7 Adding details to Mushroom

After covering the cake with fondant, some of the intricate details are essential in bringing the structure cake to life. You will learn different ways to add sparkles and textures to the mushroom. This is a fantasy mushroom, so certain details will add highlight giving depth to the cake.

Lesson#8 Isomalt Coral

As an added value, in this course, you will also learn how to make this stunning coral using hard candy sugar. You will learn the technique behind getting hard candy from plain sugar. Understand the temperatures of sugar for multiple purposes. Colour the sugar syrup in this right stage and then make this coral which will then be added to the mushroom head.

Post-course Support – WhatsApp support will be provided for 2 weeks after the course. Students can practice what they learnt in the course and get help from the mentors if they have further doubts.

  ** Lunch is not included in this course.


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  • Course Date : 3 June 2023
  • Class Timings : 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Course Mode : Offline
  • Location : Perungudi, Chennai

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