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Cake Artistry is an immersive 6-week diploma program meticulously crafted for every aspiring baker who is eager to elevate their cake decorating skills to new heights. The course curriculum has been planned in such a way that even a beginner baker who wants to learn cake decorating will be able to cope up.

Every budding and aspiring baker who join this course will transform themselves into very fine Cake Artists and present themselves with their own unique talent making a mark in the Cake Industry. Fondbites has turned a lot of such beginner and budding home bakers into one of the finest artists in our country. Join us in this culinary journey and unlock your full potential as a cake artist, mastering the art of creating edible masterpieces.

We will conduct an entrance test, and scholarships of up to ₹25,000 in course fee discounts will be awarded based on your performance.

Let’s take a quick look at the course coverage :

  • Learn to make our signature cake sponges, ideal for different frosting methods
  • Learn how to layer the cake in our signature style
  • Learn various frosting techniques using Buttercream, Ganache, Whipping Cream, Fondant, and Gumpaste. Then, use these to decorate cakes, starting from simple designs and moving up to more complex structural cakes
  • You will be learning to make the following:

The course starts from the basic piping practices and slowly travels down to different medium covering all possible kinds of techniques in the world of cake decoration. To get the whole gist of what this course has to offer to the students, scroll down through this page and read all the details carefully.

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“Mastering the art of baking the perfect sponge cakes tailored to different mediums is the primary focus of this course. Our students will gain expertise in crafting flawless butter, oil, and fatless sponges, both in classic vanilla and decadent chocolate flavors. Furthermore, students will learn the essential techniques for layering sponges to ensure the fillings remain intact throughout the baking process. Additionally, this lesson will reinforce the importance of using syrup in specific types of cakes and provide a solid foundation for mastering the art of layering in baking

Piping Practices

Piping Practice is the second lesson in this course. It will be divided into 3 levels.

In this lesson, students will learn – 

  • How to make perfect buttercream
  • Introduction of different kinds of nozzles
  • How to handle the piping bags
  • Basic to advanced piping techniques such as star, shell border, rope, rosettes, leaves, beads, plaits, dots, ruffles, fleur de lis and a multiple combinations of the piping learn to put together on cakes.
Whipped Cream Rosettes Cake

Students will be taught to layer and fill their cakes with mousse based fillings. After which they will be taught to frost the cake with whipped cream with sharp edges. The cake will be further decorated with ombre rosettes. This will set as the first lesson working on the cake, that will mark as the stepping stone into the world of cake decorating.

Buttercream Pallete Knife Cake

Buttercream is an amazing medium to work with. Once the students learn to work with whipped cream in the previous lesson, they move on to learning about buttercream in this lesson. They learn to make sharp edges on the cake using buttercream and create beautiful pallete knife petals on the cake with a touch of gold.

In this lesson, students will learn – 

  • Making of Swiss meringue buttercream
  • Making a perfect red coloured buttercream
  • Getting perfect sharp edges on a buttercream cake
  • Finish making pallete knife petals on the buttercream cake
Chocolate Ganache Cake with Chocolate Decoration

The third cake which the students do as part of the course is Round Ganache Cake. First, the students will work on the sharp edges of the cake using a ganache. After which, they will also learn how to make different chocolate decorations to adorn the cake.


In this lesson, students will learn –

  • How to make the perfect consistency ganache.
  • Fill and layer a chocolate cake with ganache.
  • Perfect and easy method to follow and achieve sharp edges on ganache cake.
  • Make different Chocolate decorations and finish making a stunning chocolate ganache cake.
Whipped Cream Floral Cake

Perfecting whipped cream can be challenging with just one attempt. To provide more practice opportunities and help students achieve perfection with whipped cream, we will revisit this medium as the 4th lesson in this course. After mastering sharp edges with whipped cream on their cakes, students will progress to creating various flower designs using whipped cream. They will also learn the art of piping whipped cream flowers onto cakes, resulting in the creation of stunning floral whipped cream cakes

In this lesson, the students will learn –

  • To make the perfect consistency whipped cream.
  • Create sharp edges using whipped cream on the cake.
  • Pipe whipped cream flowers.
  • Assemble the flowers on the cake and finish making a floral whipped cream cake.
Square Ganache Cake with Whipped Cream Sculpture Painting

After working with all round cakes, the course moves on to square cakes and with a gap of over a few weeks of working with ganache, students will again be asked to ganache a square cake and make sharp edges. As additional learning, students will also learn to work on sculpture painting using whipped cream as a medium.


In this lesson, students will learn –

  • How to make the perfect ganache.
  • Perfect recipe to work on ganache cakes.
  • Finish making sharp edges on a square ganache cake.
  • Practice 3D sculpture painting using whipped cream as a medium.
  • Make a beautiful whipped cream floral bouquet in 3D sculpture on the square ganache cake.
3D Fondant 2 Tier Themed Cake

In this lesson, you’ll begin by learning how to stack cakes. Fondant is an easy medium to start with for this skill. Once most of the wet medium has been covered with a lot of different techniques, the course will move slowly towards fondant decoration. After a complete insight into detailed lessons over the basic shapes of fondant, students will be taught to work on their sketch and create making a 3D fondant cake including different figurines that go along with the cake.

In this lesson, students will learn –

  • To make fondant and gumpaste
  • Make basic animal figurines like duck, cow, lion, sheep, unicorn and a human figurine.
  • Perfect recipe of sponge and ganache with the right consistency to along with fondant cakes.
  • Make a sketch using different ideas to compose an original design for the cake.
  • Make different figurines as per the sketch.
  • Stack a 2 tier fondant cake and finish making all the add-ons to tell a story through this fondant cake.
Whipped Cream Wedding Cake

Whipped cream stacking can be intimidating for many bakers. In this lesson, students will gain confidence by learning to stack a two-tier whipped cream cake and complete a whipped cream wedding cake.

In this lesson, students will learn – 

  • Mastering sharp edges on two different cakes
  • Successfully stacking a two-tier whipped cream cake
  • Enhancing the whipped cream wedding cake’s appearance with the addition of fresh flowers
Edible Flowers

Flowers are integral to cake decorating, and various mediums are used to create them. In this course, students will learn to craft flowers using both Gumpaste and Wafer paper.

In this specific lesson, students will focus on creating the following:

Gumpaste roses, cosmos, peonies, blueberries, filler flowers, and foliage

Wafer paper anemones and Bougainvillea.

Traditional Wedding Cake

Creating the perfect wedding cake is a dream for many bakers. In this lesson, students will have the opportunity to bring that dream to life by working on a three-tiered cake. The bottom tier will be a dummy cake. Among the three tiers, one will be frosted with white chocolate ganache, while the other two will be coated with buttercream. The cakes will then be elegantly draped with fondant and stacked, with the dummy at the bottom.

Throughout this lesson, students will learn various cake decorating techniques, and they will finish it by adorning the cake with the edible flowers they have crafted as part of the course.

Carved Handbag Cake

After all the conventional shapes of cakes are completed by the students, then we move on to carving a cake. This particular cake is well crafted keeping in mind the usability of carving in different other ways in the future. 


In this lesson, students will learn – 

  • Layer the cake with a ganache to the height of the handbag needed.
  • Carve the cake in the shape of a handbag.
  • Ganache unconventional shape of a cake with a smooth finish.
  • Drape the cake with fondant and give a smooth finish. 
  • Prepare the handles and finish making a stunning 3D handbag cake. 
Structural Mushroom Cake

The Finale lesson of this course is a structural mushroom cake. As the journey comes to an end with this cake, students will get to learn this amazing structural cake where the students will learn to make the structure from the scratch with minimal tools and materials. Also, work with rice krispy treats for the stem of the mushroom and build the head with layers of cakes. Carve the cake to the shape of a mushroom and complete making the entire cake with details including wafer paper texture, microwave sponge and hard sugar candy coral.


In this lesson, students will learn – 

  • How to make the structure from scratch. 
  • How to bend the threaded rod to get the desired shape.
  • Fix the base support to hold the cake.
  • Make rice krispy treats and build the stem of the mushroom.
  • Layer the cakes for the head of the mushroom and carve the cake to the shape of the mushroom head. 
  • Ganache an unusual shape of the cake and rice krispy treats and get smooth finishing.
  • Cover the entire mushroom with fondant.
  • Work on ombre coloured fondant panelling. 
  • Use wafer paper and get a glittery sprinkled texture on the head of the mushroom.
  • Make a microwave sponge for making the ring of mushrooms.
  • Make hard sugar candy coral for an added element on top of the mushroom head to elevate the whole look of the structural mushroom cake.

Material Includes

  • Enquire to know more about scholarship which will be based on written test and face to face interview
  • Next Batch Date : Nov 2023
  • Course Duration : 6 weeks
  • Course Mode : Offline
  • Location : Perungudi, Chennai

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Material Includes

  • Enquire to know more about scholarship which will be based on written test and face to face interview
  • Next Batch Date : Nov 2023
  • Course Duration : 6 weeks
  • Course Mode : Offline
  • Location : Perungudi, Chennai
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