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Boot house cake is a carved cake which uses simple stacking methods to create this stunning novelty cake. In this course you will learn many techniques like carving the cake, stacking unusual shapes giving stable support, covering the carved cake with ganache, getting a smooth finish, and completing the boot house giving a natural, realistic finish.

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1 Carving the boot

While carving the cake, we need to keep up with the proportions of the object we are trying to replicate. In this case, we are working on a boot and we need to get the proportions right once after we drape the fondant. Keeping this in mind we need to carve the cake accordingly giving the leverage for the ganache and fondant to come on top of the carved cake. The intricate techniques which involve cake carving which is different from sculpting will be taught in detail in this lesson.

2 Building the house using Rice Krispy Treats

While working on unusual shapes of cakes, we learn how to distribute the weight. In novelty cakes, there is a certain proportion in which you need to use cake and a certain ratio where you can use components like rice krispy treats, dummies etc. In this course, I will be teaching you how to use rice krispy treats and build a house. This will make a lighter version of the house which can be stacked on the boot. As we are keeping the structure quite simple, without the addition of any metal parts, it is important to use a stable weight distribution for the cake as a whole.

3 Ganaching the Boot

As cake artists, we learn how to make sharp edges on round or square cakes which we predominantly use. However, when it comes to unusual carved cakes, then Ganaching the curved areas becomes tricky. Having a smooth ganache surface is important to drape fondant to get a cleaner finish on the outside. In this lesson, I will be teaching you how to ganache an unusual shape of the cake with ganache and get a smooth and clean finish.

4 Ganaching the House

The structures that are made using rice krispy treats should be covered with either chocolate or ganache, before covering it with fondant. Also, the final shape of the house should be perfected at the ganache stage and I will be teaching you the perfect methods to get the right shape of the house on top of the base that was made using rice krispy treats.

5 Covering boot & House with fondant

Draping a cake with fondant is tricky even when it comes to regular shapes, round or square. But when we work on the carved cakes where the shape is unusual draping with fondant becomes even more difficult. But with the right techniques, we can nail it beautifully like how it is done on this boot house cake. I have taught simple-to-do techniques on how to drape fondant over the boot house giving a clean finish.

6 Stacking the house over the boot

Though the house is made out of rice krispy treats, it would be heavy to place over the boot without any support. This is a simple structure without any complicated materials inside. I have used the perfect stacking methods to hold the weight of the house over the boot and complete this beautiful boot house cake.

7 Adding the finishing touches

After completing the entire cake, we still need to work on the detailing to give a realistic finish. I have taught how to work on giving intricate details to make the boot house look rustic and realistic.

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Boot House Carved Cake

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