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This course focuses on bakers who want to upgrade their skills in fondant decoration. This is a one month long online course with 24/7 mentor support.

Each student will decide the theme of the cake they want to work on. They will be asked to draw a sketch and work on each of the elements of the cake and complete making a 3D fondant themed cake.

The video lessons in the course are pre-recorded and students can watch the lessons anytime convenient to them and work on their cakes any time during the day. Video lessons will be available for lifetime access.

All the students who join a particular Batch will work together in a closed group where they can ask all their queries related to the course. Mentors will provide support with feedback and instructions to work on the fondant cake.

Tools and material lists will be provided upon registration and guidance will be provided to procure them.

Course completion certificate will be provided at the end of the course based on the performance of each of the student.


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Recipe#1 Gumpaste

Recipe for homemade gumpaste will be shared along with the making video. This perfect gumpaste is suitable for making figurines and sugar flowers. We will be using this gumpaste further in the lessons for making figurines for the themed fondant cake.

Recipe#2 Fondant

Fondant these days are readily available in the market. However, the recipe shared in this course is a foolproof fondant recipe that can be made at a relatively low making cost that gives amazing results to drape the cakes.

Recipe#3 Modelling Chocolate

Modelling chocolate is an amazing medium that can be used for making figurines and sculpting. The recipe shared in this course will give you foolproof results using which you can make figurines to keep on your fondant cakes.

Recipe#4 Ganache

Ganache is made using chocolate and fresh cream. The right consistency is important to make it work with fondant cakes. The perfect recipes and ratios of dark, milk and white chocolate ganache are shared in this lesson.

Recipe#5 Cakes suitable for Fondant (pdf)

Making fondant cakes are very exciting, however the right sponge which is moist is very important. Also, the sponges should be able to take the weight of fondant, so it will help the fondant cakes stay stable. In this lesson, you will get foolproof recipes for using under fondant cakes.

Lesson#1 Basic Shapes

To begin working with fondant we should start with understanding how to make the basic shapes. Different kinds of figurines use different shapes for each of its components. In this basic lesson, you will learn all the different kinds of shapes that are necessary which will make the understanding of figurines easier.

Lesson#2 Figurines – Animals & 3D Character modelling

Animals and different other characters are the first step to learn figurines. In this lesson, you will learn the right steps for making the figurines that will stay intact without losing the shape. How many days you can make ahead of time and how to store the figurines that you make for your cakes.

Lesson #3 2D Figurines

2D figurines are a good addition to your fondant cakes. In this lesson, you will learn how to take inspiration for making 2D figurines, resize it and to make your own templates and create any kind of 2D figurines.

Lesson#4 Human Figurines

Human figurines might seem difficult but if the right techniques are followed with proper guidance, then human figurines are quite easier too. In this lesson, you will learn how to make human figurines that can sit or stand with different expressions.

Lesson#5 Ruffles

Ruffles are a great way of adding grandeur to your fondant cakes. In this lesson, you will learn how to make fondant ruffles and different ways to attach the ruffles to your cake.

Lesson#6 Cracked Effect on Fondant

The crackled effect gives a modern look to your fondant cakes. There are a lot of different ways to create the crackled effect. In this lesson, you will learn different ways to create the crackled effect in your fondant cakes.

Lesson#7 Wooden bark effect

The wooden bark effect when made the right way gives a beautiful finish to your cakes while working in specific themes. In this lesson, you will learn to get the perfect wooden bark texture and add intricate details to make it realistic

Lesson#8 Brick Wall effect

Brick wall texture is very easy to make but when done the right way, this effect is great to make and cover the cake for specific themes to make your cake look stunning.

Lesson#9 Hammered copper texture

Hammered coppered texture can be added to one of the tiers in the wedding cakes. In this lesson, you will learn how to make realistic hammered copper texture and the easy way to add the copper shade to the fondant.

Lesson#10 Rough stone texture

Rough stone textures are added to give a very modern look to your fondant cakes. In this lesson, you will learn different ways in which you can create rough stone texture on fondant and how to drape that on the cake.

Lesson#11 Tree with Armature

Trees add a lot of drama to themed fondant cakes. Especially when the trees look realistic it has to be made using an armature. In this lesson, you will learn to create an armature for making trees. How to cover the armature for making the trunk and branches of the leaves. Also, learn to make a microwave sponge that creates realistic leaves for the branches.

Lesson#12 Large sized figurines

Small figurines are straightforward to use on the cakes. However, if the figurines are big, the weight of the figurines will weigh down the cake and make it unstable. In this lesson, you will learn how to make a stable internal structure that will keep the large figurines intact on the cake without affecting the stability of the cake.

Lesson#13 Designing a themed cake

There are a lot of inspirations for different themes of cakes. However, it is important to create unique cakes and not copy an existing cake. To create unique cakes, we start with designing the cake by yourself. This step starts with drawing your own sketch and placing the elements accordingly. This sketch is the first step to create perfect themed fondant cakes.

Lesson#14 Ganache cake with sharp edges

For a perfect fondant cake, the first step is to have a perfect sharp edges ganache. In this lesson, you will learn how to layer the cakes with the right filling. Get razor sharp ganache and prepare the cake for draping with fondant.

Lesson#15 Drape the cake with sharp edges

In this lesson, you will learn how to cover the cake with fondant and get razor sharp edges. Both traditional draping and paneling method will be taught.

Lesson#16 Figurines Assembly & Finishing

In this final lesson, you will learn how to assemble the figurines made for the cake and finish with add-ons that make the cake complete as a themed fondant cake.

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